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Posted on: 04/12/17

Whatever you think of FIFA, the series is an absolute phenomenon. fifacoinsreviews.com  Back in October, FIFA 17 broke sales records, with its week one sales up 18 percent on the last game. Where other yearly titles are known to be struggling slightly when it comes to numbers, FIFA dominates every year, without fail, and is even still growing.


FIFA is enormous. The sales figures prove this, and FIFA 17 is still in the top ten (in 7th place) as of March 2017, some six months after release, beating even Call of Duty when it comes to staying power. From kids to teenagers, or YouTubers to just adults winding down after work, this is a game that crosses all markets, all ages. Whether people are living out fantasies in Be a Pro and The Journey, taking their beloved lower league team to the very top in Career Mode, or just spending hours building their Ultimate Team to brag about, theres one question that applies to all of these player types: why would they wait? If the Switch version isnt out on the same day as the PS4 and Xbox One version, its too late. But if it does manage to hit stores on the same day, with the Switchs digital store seemingly working fine, it could be a massive boon for Nintendo. People invested in the console already will want to play games on it. Why wouldnt you want to take FIFA 18 everywhere you go?


This plays into one of the things we secretly think Nintendo wants to achieve: making the Switch your primary console. Microsoft and Sony have had dalliances with remote play (Xbox via PC, PS4 via Vita), but the Switch isnt remote-anything: the console is a tablet you can take anywhere.buy fut 17 coins review Were absolutely convinced that if FIFA 18 can have feature parity and at least close to the visual fidelity of the established consoles (4K aside), people will choose the portable version that also works on the TV.


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