FIFA 18 FUT Champions Rewards – Weekend League Rewards & Monthly Rewards

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Posted on: 09/25/17

FUT Champions returns in FIFA 18 still with great rewards for the best and most consistent players including coins and all sorts of high end packs. In this game mode, you can compete with other FUT players. Each week, the best FUT qualify for the Weekend League and compete for the high weekly FUT Champions Rewards,fifa coin reviews also there are better monthly rewards will be delivered to the best performing players from the weekend league with some amazing reward packs, cards. In this in-depth article you will get details on all of the FIFA 18 FUT Champions Weekend League and Monthly Rewards from start to finish. Check out the full guide below.

FIFA 18 FUT Champions Weekend League Rewards
In FUT Champions, you play in weekly knockout tournaments during the week to qualify for the Weekend League, in which coins and valuable packs of cards will be awarded as prizes. If you finally managed to qualify for the Weekend League, it's only really hard to get started. You have a maximum of 40 playable games during the weekend. best fifa coin website You will be dived to 3 tiers – Gold, Silver, Bronze and 3 elites depend on the wins you get out of the 40 playable matches. The more wins you get at the end of the Weekend League, the better rewards you receive. Also there are better rewards for the players who are ranked into 1-100 in the competition. You have to complete at least five matches in Weekend League to get some rewards.

Earned FUT Champions Weekend League Rewards for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team will likely be delivered every Thursday at 6pm UK for PS4, Xbox One and PC users, before the next Weekend League. The FUT packs, FIFA 18 Coins and other prizes from the rewards don’t expire, the cards from the packs are tradeable.

FIFA 18 FUT Champions Monthly Rewards
If you are a frequent participant in the Weekend League and you are successful, you will be listed in the monthly ranking list. And you will receive the FIFA 18 FUT Champions Monthly Rewards some amazing reward packs, cards & prizes here if you are under the TOP 100 (usually 160 playable matches for 4 weekend leagues). Also according to your wins out of the 160 playable matches, you will be dived into 3 tiers – Gold, Silver, Bronze and 2 elites. The more wins you get, the higher you will be ranked and tiered, the better monthly rewards you can receive. FIFA 18 FUT Champions monthly rewards are delivered to the best performing players once a month, all these rewards are untradeable and can’t be traded on FUT transfer market. how to buy easy fifa coins The following rewards are waiting for you:

FIFA 18 FUT Champions October monthly rewards are predicted to be delivered around Thursday, November 7th, 2017. More details we will update here once they are available.


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