FIFA 17 FUT Champions Weekend League Cost/Profit Calculation - Is Weekend League A Loss Business?

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Posted on: 03/17/17

Achieving the Weekend League is a goal for many players. Anyone who takes part in this league has enormous advantages for his Ultimate team. In other words, the better you play, the greater rewards you get. However, 40 games in the Weekend League can be expensive. Fitness,  injuries and contracts leave some players in the knee.

Finally, the qualification for the FIFA 17 Weekend League (WL) has been reached. Now it is said to win as many games as possible, in order to rise in the ranking far upwards. 40 games can be completed. Each win will climb you up in the ranking list: Bronze 1 to 3, Silver 1 to 3, Gold 1 to 3, Elite 1 to 3 and then come the Top 100. Each of these ranks offers different rewards, and who place it in the gold -3 rank is even qualified for the next week.

But the achievement of the Weekend League is quite a force, especially if you do not have the best players. If you want to go far, you need a good game concept and good players. Because even if you play so well - in the end, it makes a difference, whether your goalkeeper has 82 OVR or 88 OVR, or whether the CM has a 88 in the ball control or only a 78. Really worthwhile is the Weekend League, only if you have enough coins, so that your team can really endure the 40 games. Not all players invest real money in packs.

Weekend League is a loss business?
Without a plan you should not start in the Weed League, otherwise this can quickly become a loss business for you. Your players cost money, either in the form of fitness cards, contracts or injuries, you will inevitably have to go back to the club. There may be times when players are hurt in a match and then you have a problem, because the cards cost quite a lot depending on the injury and quality. Since you do not want to wait very long in the WL, the click on "Buy now" in the transfer market is done faster. To wait for the end of an auction, it often saves coins, but it costs time and you do not really have over 40 games, which you have to complete in three days. To get into a lucrative rank, it should at least be the silver rank. From then on, the rewards are also so valuable that they justify a higher investment. Nevertheless, expenditure must always remain in the head.

A Weekend League costs every third game either a team fitness card or several individual fitness cards. At least, if you want to be sure. Here, of course, it is strongly dependent on how fast your players run out of breath and whether you have a good substitute player, which you can run up for the next match. Nevertheless one comes with the bill, every third day a team fitness card / normal fitness cards. These are already 1,500 fifa coins for a team fitness card, or 200 coins for a normal fitness card. website review buy fut coins So you come alone with the single cards to a total of about 13,000 coins in a WL season. The team fitness cards are about 18,000 fifa coins. Now come the healing cards, which are to be purchased from approx. 800 coins, but are much less needed if you do not have too much bad luck. We count on three injuries in 40 games.

It is a bit more relaxed with the contracts. Gold contracts can have a maximum maturity of 28 days and cost an average of 200 coins. There are also special 99-day contracts, which can only be purchased in small numbers in the EA catalog. In our example, we expect six contracts per WL season.


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