FIFA 18 Guide: The Best Super SUBS in FIFA 18

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Posted on: 05/16/18


Everyone heard about it. I've seen everything. There is one new among them. This guy is the real thing. Incredibly fast, superb on the ball, excellent finishing, more arcade and physical ability, which should not be overlooked. Thanks to him as an attacker or a wing or cam at the end of the games will cut him. The pace of his life is a complete opposition to the tough defenders, although I think it will be equally effective for new defenders.


One of the real opportunities for FUT 18 - only 15K has one of the best superstitions attacks. It is lightning fast, with great quirks, shotguns and respectable physics.
ST comes and dies completely.


Not very neglected, but an excellent choice. This is my favorite four star / four star, fast pace, strong dodging, fantastic shot, decent lobby, even more attractive, and a great body.
It's hard to contact the main team, but it's great to get out of the box or attack them as an attacker. He soon became one of the bank's favorite players.
Bling, very good shot, a decent pass and a very good body surprisingly.

4. If the engine changes

The human statistics are incredible. It's not only high and very powerful, its pace, shots, 4-star capabilities are incredible, and 91. Not quite Zlatan in many ways but very close.
I love searching for games that kill opponents and goals in the past. It provides all the possibilities of a quick and agile striker, but also a threat to a target player.


The perfect person who closes games. It is better than Kanti for me, and it is surprising that it closes the attempts of tired attackers.
I love this card to be tireless. Cover all weeds field, close all attacks, and win three or four players at a time, alone.


Another incredible feature: Big Gullit Gang player, foot weak and skill.
Excellent defender, CB and defender, but his real strength as a middleman. I bring it to almost every game, it brings rhythm, power, great protection and good attack risk. I honestly love most of the midfielders I tried this year. I also threw it forward and worked there.


Such as POTY Maguire, was real work when it was launched. A quick glance at game stats shows that this player is incredible, passive, defensive and physical, very much like Alan, the great guy who leaves the games. Not gifted in defense, but he helps a lot in creative and offensive ways.
The bank must be. And it's fun to use.


You may be surprised to be in this list, among private messages, but this guy is the real thing. Height, rhythm, defensive skills and stages, and feel good with the ball.
I'm sure 99% of them have used it, and for many, this is the cornerstone of the difference. But do not sleep on the efficiency of men as a super bowl. This is a real turning point.


This is the person who disappeared safely under the radar. I met him in a lucky accident: in the first week of the game, I was forced to have an interchangeable update package throughout the year and I can not say how dangerous it is. It is very similar to POTY Christiansen's speech, but it feels much stronger. Almost do anything on earth and this is the perfect feature. I escorted her to the field and did the work.


I will prepare the list of the best submarines used this year for efficiency and profitability. This card is closest to Martial 2.0 - high, strong, strong in ball, very exaggerated shooting.
Less than 2K, one of the most devastating sudesubses for your bank is in the ba+nk.
They count me, tell me who they are using.

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