FIFA 18 Mode: Team Leader Career of FIFA 18

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Posted on: 05/04/18
FIFA 18 Mode: Team Leader Career of FIFA 18

Lead your favorite team, control the team’s management and tactics. You will be responsible for helping the team accomplish different goals within strategic and business skills.

Here is the team management:

Team basic information

When you choose a good team, you can get an overview of the club, board expectations, transfer budget,safest fifa 18 coins the value of the club, home and away jerseys and home stadium names.
The most important of these materials is the board’s expectations, transfer budget.

Board Expectations: A club will ask for local achievements, intercontinental performance, brand exposure, finance, and youth development.

The so-called local achievements, usually refers to the local beat to win event; Intercontinental performance refers to the outstanding achievements in the inter-continental race or to qualify for participation in the Intercontinental Race; brand exposure, FIFA17 and FIFA18 new Content, in fact, as long as your team can get good grades, many (virtual) media will report your team, the exposure will naturally increase.

Finance, this piece of content may seem complicated, in fact, is very simple. In fact, the main financial projects only transfer budget and operating budget, transfer budget is used in the transfer window to buy other club players,fifa frenzy review and operating budget is to give players, staff wages, youth training, etc.

Financial requirements are very high, it means you have to save money often, financial requirements are very low, then you are free to squander.

Young army, which means that you have to develop a reasonable belonging to their own club of small players, the practice is very simple, you can go to youth training interface, scout to explore the ball can be. However, it should be noted that youth training is also costly. Therefore, when engaging in the youth army, it should be implemented in conjunction with the financial expectations of the board of directors.

Transfer budget: just mentioned in the board’s expectations of the financial transfer will be about the transfer budget.

Transfer budget must be combined with the operating budget as a whole, the two are complementary to the club’s financial, the ratio between the two will change as the transfer window is turned on / off.

Transfer budget is used in the transfer window to buy other club players, and operating budget is to give players, fifa ultimate team coins reviews staff wages, youth training, etc., to maintain the club’s day-to-day operations.

Team report

The team report will reflect the team’s players all the information.

Contract Information: Displays the year the player’s contract is due to expire, and you have to renew your contract with the player in the first half year to the first year of the year or the player who failed to renew will leave the club in free time.

Some players have already won the trading consensus with other clubs, which will indicate that the player will join the other club after the expiration of the contract.
Injuries: No injuries, will indicate that you can participate in the competition. If you have an injured player, the player’s affected area will be noted here, with the number of days or months required for injury.

Penalties: When a player gets a red card, here’s how many days the player needs to be suspended for a red card.

Some games have penalties of “accumulated yellow cards,” the requirement to suspend a match when players accumulate two or three yellow cards during this event, and you can see the information in penalties.

Player Performance: This shows the number of players participating in various types of events, goals, assists, buying fifa coins online review defensive numbers, number of cards and (average) game rating.
Here, you pay attention to the player’s average game rating, you can understand the player’s overall performance.

Player attribute score: You only need to select a player in the “team report” interface, and then press the RB key, you can view the player’s full attribute score.
And in the property there will be some “up and down the number”, which means that the player after the game, training to enhance or reduce the effect.

In general, participating in a competition is the best way to improve a player’s overall rating, and the best way to improve a player’s rating is to practice more.


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