FIFA 19 Player: Who will have a FIFA Cards This Year? Part 3

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Posted on: 05/16/18

The Egyptian return to an English soil saw him become one of the Premier League's most dead previous.

He saw multiple cards during his FIFA-18 career.

Wait at least 89 in FIFA 19, with huge explosions to shoot and sweep.


Club: Man City

After the disastrous experience of Man City with Claudio Bravo between the woods, Ederson entered and stabilized the ship considerably.

The 24 year old was in bright fashion this season, with his distribution allowing him to create opportunities for the back.

At 84 evaluations we would expect to see a big increase this year.

Raheem Sterling

Club: Man City

Itís weird to think that Sterling is still just 23-years-old Ė he seems to have been around forever.

The right wingerís strike rate is not to be sniffed at Ė with 16 in 23 games in the Premier League.

Boosts in pace and shooting will help make him deadlier going forward.

Lionel Messi

Club: Barcelona

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