FIFA 18 Tips: Six Misunderstanding of Defensive

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Posted on: 05/15/18

Error 5: Untimely blocking the strong pass route

Baseball bype (L1/LB + Pass) is very effective in attack. FIFA18 professional players are using offensive techniques. In defense, sometimes there are a lot of defensive players, but no one to intercept the key position! There is no defense between the opposing midfielder and the opposing striker!

Control players and stand between the opposing midfielders and forwards, and block the passing route. When the opponent transfers the ball, you immediately switch the player and plugging the next route. Ensure that you have your defensive player on the most dangerous passing line.Error 6: To give the opponent too much space before the forbidden area
I believe we all feel the power of FIFA18 rubbing and shooting! Some players blindly retreat. The result in the restricted area front gives the opponent too much space. Let the opponent rub the shooting / the long-range shot score easily and calmly!
It is possible to pull the midfielder back in time. You can also press R1/RB to call the AI teammates to match the opponent's dribbling players, and manually control the players to block the passing route. Note that you can't hold down the R1/RB key for a long time. You should switch the defender in a timely manner according to the situation on the field. Let the players stand in front of the opponent and don't let opponent shoot easily.

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