FIFA 17: Tips To Be Better In FIFA 17

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Posted on: 06/22/17
It is a fact known to all that the Frostbite engine included in FIFA 17 was a total success that came to revolutionize the way we played FIFA. New ways to pull and clear are just a few of the improvements brought by this change. However, it also brought changes that we had to master from scratch ... and hey, it took work.
In know that it is difficult to arrive at a new game and to be good in it. That's why we've prepared 6 tips to help you be the best player online and offline. Let's start!
- Do not be afraid and let AI defend
Away were the days when we had to change players to defend our area, as the AI could not defend a bit. In FIFA 18 this was changed, since you can trust that the AI will defend your area effectively. Do the test! If you are very far from your area, do not change players and let the AI do the work.
- You must be patient.
Your attack strategy may be attacking, attacking, and attacking. However, that can cost you yellow or red cards,buy fifa coins legit lose players and time as well as stamina. That is why you must analyze your opponent, let him enter the middle field and anticipate their movements. If you send a player to attack him, he is more likely to want to pass the ball, so try to pass that pass.
- Let the sprint button rest
A very common mistake is to keep the sprint button pressed, which causes your players to get tired and we all know what this means. By doing this, you are giving your opponent an opportunity to reach out to your players and steal the ball. Think of a real soccer match, do the players go after the ball? Do not! They seek the opportunity to intercept the ball or the player.
Here are the first three tips for you to play better in FIFA fut coins paysafecard More tips come next time and cheap FIFA 17 Coins are on sale for xbox one, ps4 and pc now. FIFA 17 Comfort Trade is an easy and fast way to get big amount of coins, but remember to use fifa coins as soon as possible after received them.  


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